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Gift Certificate Instructions:

** Please review the Gift Certificate terms & conditions at the bottom of this page**

1. Click "Buy Now" under the Gift Card product.


2. Choose the dollar amount you would like the gift certificate to be for, and enter it into the box under "amount". If you want to see the prices of our classes and memberships click here.

3. Click "Check Out" to create an account or login, and add your payment info.  *Please note that our system will take your payment information, and then you will be asked to confirm your purchase.*



The purchase or use of a gift certificate constitutes acceptance of the complete terms and conditions. Gift certificates must be used solely for the purchase of services provided by Jungle House Dance Co. This gift certificate does not expire, nor does it incur any fees. Lost or stolen certificates will not be replaced. Gift certificates not exchangeable or redeemable for cash, except where required by law. We do not offer refunds. For more information about this Gift Certificate, please contact us. Use of this Gift Certificate constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Issued by Jungle House Dance Co. Inc. Treat this card like cash.